What to do…as the Real Estate Market Slumps (Part 1 of 3)

Newer investors haven’t experienced a market down turn yet. Old timers such as I have learned through three, four or more. This article contains some of what I’ve learned: Whether you are a newbie (less than 5 years) in the business, or you have over 35 years in it like me, we are all in … Read more

I Enjoy Life

My goal is to help others to feel free and enjoy life also. I could write a lengthy, awe inspiring, thought provoking autobiography for each of the years of my life starting at age 13. I’ve experienced more in each of those years than many people in their entire lifetime. By reading those books you … Read more

What does Alan do?

Last Sunday, someone I know from church asked me what I do [for a living]. I was shocked! We’ve taken classes together, got to know each other through dinners, church meetings, outings, Sunday services, etc. I mentioned this to someone else and they also said that they were wondering what I did for a living. … Read more