When we walk to the edge

Of all the light and knowledge we have,

And take that step

 Into the darkness of the unknown,

We must believe that one

Of two things will happen…

There will be something solid

For us to stand on, or

God will teach us to fly

                                                                                                           Patrick. Overton

Beliefs & Inspiration

The basic purpose of the programs my companies and I present is to help people find abundance and growth in their lives. Your success and financial abundance allows you to pass your good fortune to others – your family, favorite charities and other human betterments, and your success allows you to assure the health and well-being of your loved ones and the furtherance of their lives by being able to afford the best in healthcare, the best in educational opportunities, the best in housing, and the best in life.

I believe that We are here for one purpose and one purpose only: To help others. And the extent that we help others is the extent of our own happiness.

What better way to help others than to provide a roof over their head, to help them out of financial difficulty, and to instruct them on how to be financially independent. The people who find success through our products and the other products and services available through our organizations can realize emotional health, confidence, and well-being.

The basis of all positive religious dogma is the fundamental concepts of what is right, worthwhile, and/or desirable. These basic values are prevalent in most all the world’s faiths. People with a backing of strong faith are able to build on that faith resulting in more ways of helping others.

I suggest that whatever your spiritual/religious tradition, that you revisit it or find one that you can back with all your soul. This would be the source of your belief system that will help you grow when you need encouragement.

Similar to, and following the beginnings of the United States of America, Christianity was originally the base of our business operations. Following that Christian tradition by embracing the teachings and love of Jesus, I accept and help all people regardless of their faith or beliefs. Recognizing that all people are spiritual beings, no matter what their faith or religious tradition, spirituality is the most vitally important daily element in our personal lives. My personal, spiritual, social and business life embrace all people and their own spiritual followings equally. This is prevalent throughout all my businesses and those who operate and are employed by them.

I shall encourage you through sharing articles, websites, webpages, and other media, the points of interest and testimonials concerning the moral and ethical principles to promote your success in business. You will find these tidbits sprinkled throughout the products of our subsidiary and associated companies embedded in the books, trainings, seminars, courses, and meetings of all types.

Your personal faith stories are important. You should share your stories with others. Your stories will encourage others and give them more faith, inspiration, and encouragement.

Very Truly Yours,

Alan David Kosinski,
Founder & CEO of ALKO Companies

Faith [19.08]