Is Alan eccentric? Some people say that. I prefer unconventional. I have found more success by doing the opposite of what most people do. Many people realize that I am actually just very, very different, especially the way my mind works and thinks.

“Most people who want to be different usually simply conform to the non-conformity of other similar thinkers. That is still normal.”
— Alan David Kosinski

Here’s how I see my unconventionality:

  • I prefer not to follow social norms.
  • I don’t smoke, gamble, overeat, and rarely drink alcohol.
  • I eat healthy – mostly vegetarian – and do not follow the ‘normal’, unhealthy American diet.
  • I rarely watch television except for some movies.
  • I read lots of books.
  • I enjoy writing books and articles.
  • I don’t care for idle talk; I’d rather take action.

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