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Alan David Kosinski, has been creatively investing in Real Estate for over 35 years acquiring over 888 properties without using credit and putting less than $100 down on all but twelve transactions!

He has been licensed as a Real Estate Broker in Massachusetts for over 30 years.

Alan is a teacher at heart, helping countless Real Estate Investors and Agents how to use his methods to achieve maximum results.

Alan’s spirituality is belief in oneness: that we are all one in God. Originally rooted in the Christian Baptist tradition, he currently is not identified with any particular religion or tradition as he has been influenced by a wide range of spiritual works. His love for humanity ensures ethical professionalism & values in all business and personal relationships.

Professional Experience
Known as a serial entrepreneur and deal maker, Alan is a professional investor, broker, consultant, author, speaker, coach, mentor, and educator who teaches many wealth improvement topics, specializing in both creative and traditional Real Estate Investing and agent training.

Co-Founder of Ancilla Realty, Alan and his business partner Arthur DePaul are changing the way real estate brokerage services are impacting the entire industry by listening, empathizing, and serving the customers and clients that are selling or seeking real estate.

Founder and Managing Member of ALKO Companies LLC which is comprised of several subsidiary companies, each related to helping others with many different aspects of real estate associated business matters including education, acquisition, management, trust & business entity selection, business operations, property assistance, renovation/construction, financing, and much more.

Alan is dedicated to finding, producing, and distributing quality, no-nonsense products to enhance the education, self-esteem, and health of people wishing to improve their personal wealth.

As a Real Estate Consultant and Adviser, Alan is highly sought after by: Owners, Sellers, Buyers, Investors, Estates, Managers, Attorneys, Brokers and Salespeople, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Insurance Adjusters, Banks and Lenders, Developers, Builders, Businesses, Non-Profits, and Governmental Agencies, and regular normal people who need questions answered and problems solved.

He is a highly-regarded Trustee of numerous privately-held Real Estate Trusts in which he is relied upon by his clients to acquire, buy, manage, and profitably liquidate many different types of real estate holdings. He is trusted to provide superior performance in a variety of challenging situations.

Author and Columnist of hundreds of contributions including: Bloomberg News, CNN, The Banker & Tradesman, The Boston Globe, The Quincy Patriot Ledger, The Realty Center News, TRC Seminars Newsletter, and the AREI-Wealth Improvement Network Newsletter, among others.

Alan David Kosinski is the author of numerous Real Estate Success and Business acumen building books. These books have previously only been available at live seminars, however beginning in 2019 all fourteen books along with others will be published and available at all major book sales sites and stores.


  • Founder and CEO of ALKO Companies, Pleasanton, CA
    ALKO Companies is a growing conglomerate of associated companies that each carry an individual aspect of the personal and financial well-being of our customers and clients. Most of our companies are involved in the supply of educational information concerning wealth building and wealth preservation, while our other companies supply actual investment growth abilities.
  • Founder & Director of ALKO Wealth Improvement Network, Pleasanton, CA
    A company providing premier Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building education on the web and in person.
  • Founder & Director of Real Estate Investor’s Thunder, Pleasanton, CA
    A company dedicated to actively educating both novice and experienced Real Estate Investors by facilitating numerous meetings catering to the full spectrum of investors.
  • Founder of Property Assistance Realty Trust
    Solving people’s property challenges/problems nationally.
  • Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Ancilla Realty
    The Nationwide Premier Real Estate and Business Brokerage Company which is expanding nationally, helping Agents and Brokers to expand their horizons by using empathy and love to professionally serve their clients.
  • Founder and CEO of Realty Buyers Group
    A company that utilizes private trusts and various methods of acquiring real estate throughout the San Francisco Bay area that helps investors acquire and/or finance real estate incognito.
  • Trustee/ Majority Beneficiary of Various Realty Trusts and associated property holdings.
  • Founder of Scholar House Communities
    A not-for-profit organization that funds Sober Houses for recovering Alcoholics and Drug addicts.


  • Former State Sanctioned Instructor
    “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson’s Pre-License”
    “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Real Estate Broker’s Pre-License”
    “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Education”
  • Founder, President, & CEO of The Association of Real Estate Investors, LTD
    A company dedicated to actively educating both novice and experienced Real Estate Investors by facilitating numerous meetings catering to the full spectrum of investors for over 20 years, covering four different meetings per month in five different areas throughout Massachusetts.
  • Founder/CEO/Broker of Advantage Realty Center, Brockton, MA
    a Real Estate Brokerage consisting of: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Land Listings; Sales; Rentals & Management.
  • Founder/CEO/Broker of Advanced Realty Center, Brockton, MA
    a Real Estate Brokerage consisting of: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Land Listings; Sales; Rentals & Management.
  • Principal Broker of TRI-STAR Realty Inc. d/b/a EXIT TRI-Star Realty, Plymouth, MA
    a Real Estate Brokerage consisting of: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Land Listings; Sales; Rentals & Management.
  • Founder/President/Principal Broker of TRC Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a EXIT Realty Center of Stoughton, MA a real Estate Brokerage consisting of: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Land Listings; Sales; Rentals & Management; Training & Instruction; Real Estate Consulting which served: Owners, Sellers, Buyers, Estates, Managers, Attorneys, Brokers, Salespeople, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Developers, Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Banks & Other Lenders; and many more.
    (Featured for 14 ½ minutes on CNBC as the fastest growing real estate brokerage company of the fastest growing real estate franchise in history.)
  • Founder/CEO of Scholar House CommunitiesA not-for-profit Company providing and operating sober housing facilities serving the needs of Alcoholics & Drug addicts who are in recovery.
  • Trustee of five Scholar House Communities Properties, holding Real Estate Titles.
  • Founder/Past President of: Buyer Agents Exchange
  • Pioneering Real Estate Buyer Agency in Massachusetts (Founder/Past President)
  • Founder/CEO/Broker of The Realty Center Inc., of Brockton, West Bridgwater, Avon,
    and Weymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Broker/Owner of Realty World Collins & McGrath Realty of Brockton, MA
  • Founder/Past President of Resourceful Enterprises Inc.
    Providing various temporary engineering personnel worldwide, construction contracting, cleaning, & lawn care.
  • Owner/Operator of Kosinski Realty of Stoughton, MA
  • Owned and operated Clean-Up (Cleaning Service)
  • Owned and operated SA&C Construction (Residential repairs & painting)
  • Owned and operated SA&C Landscaping (Residential lawn care) 

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I’ve worked in many ‘Jobs’ so far in his lifetime and I plan to ‘work’ in many more – mostly to understand each position by being in the trenches and ‘feeling’ and experiencing all aspects by learning, seeing, and actually doing each task involved in the following list.

The following is a list of the Jobs, Professions,  Businesses & Money Making Ambitions that have made my life so exciting! These are almost in some sort of chronological order, but not particularly.
1. Household chores (Allowance)
2. Neighborhood Kids Club memberships & admittance
3. Tractor rides
4. Snow shoveling
5. Lawn mowing
6. Prospector / Geologist / Mineralogist
7. Selling candy & soda priced less than vending machines (Brockton Veterans Building)
8. Selling candy & soda by filling a market where there was none: i.e. High School
9. Convenience Store (stocking, delicatessen, cashier, inventory) (Bob’s Famous Foodmart)
10. Fireworks buying volume inexpensively, then re-selling
11. Gas Station Attendant (Bert’s Getty Station, Norwell, MA)
12. Auto Mechanic
13. Auto Body work & painter
14. Pawning/brokering merchandise (Norwell, MA)
15. Livestock Farm Operations (Mena, Arkansas)
16. Horse Ranching (Ansata Arabian Stud (Mena, Arkansas & Lufkin, Texas)
17. United States Navy (???)
18. United States Intelligence (???)
      a. Vehicles: Aircraft (Helicopters, planes, jets) (Everywhere worldwide)
          1. Submarines (Diesel, Nuclear) (New London, Groton, Ct.)
          2. Ships (Destroyers, DE, Aircraft Carriers (Everywhere worldwide)
          3. Boats (Admirals barge, small watercraft) (U.S. east coast/Mediterranean)
     b. Quantico, VA Marine Base (DIA, DSS, Embassy Security, Telecom, )
19. Black Marketer of Alcohol, Cigarettes (Italy)
20. Photographer
21. Automobile enthusiast, predominately Porsche
22. Professional Gambling (Monte Carlo & Atlantic City)
23. Flea marketer
24. United States Defense Logistics
25. Automobile, buy, fix, sell
26. “Clean Up” – Junk removed, attics, garages, cellars, construction
27. Handy Man
28. Landscaper
29. Painting contractor
30. Electrician
31. Plumber
32. Carpenter
33. Glazer
34. Fence installer
35. Mason (concrete)
36. Insulation installer
37. Roofer
38. General Contractor
39. Real Estate Investor
40. Real Estate Speculator
41. Landlord – Residential
42. Landlord – Commercial
43. Landlord – Industrial
44. Commodities Trader (Gold)
45. Real Estate Salesperson (Licensed)
46. Real Estate Developer
47. Real Estate Consultant
48. Real Estate Note/Mortgage manufacture
49. Real Estate Note/Mortgage buyer & seller
50. Real Estate Broker Massachusetts (Licensed)
51. Real Estate Seminar producer (landlording)
52. Public Speaker
53. Store Owner (used merchandise)
54. Pest control License
55. Real Estate Buyer Broker (pioneer; wrote & produced the first Buyer Broker Course and formed the first Buyer Broker/Agent Organization)
56. Real Estate Broker Rhode Island
57. Real Estate Licensing Instructor (Massachusetts)
58. Real Estate Land Developer
59. House Builder
60. Real Estate Mentor (investing)
61. Real Estate Mentor (brokerage)
62. Seminar/workshop producer
63. Tattoo Shop Owner
64. Professional Negotiator
65. Restaurant Owner/operator
66. Night Club Owner/operator
67. Bar Owner/Operator
68. Parking Lot Owner/operator
69. Comedy Club Owner/operator
70. Flea Market Owner/operator
71. Function Hall Owner/operator
72. Sober House Owner/Operator
73. Writer
74. Author
75. Publisher
76. Ordained Minister (Baptist)
77. Empath
78. Spiritual Teacher/Leader
79. Real Estate Extraordinaire
80. Life Extraordinaire
Jobs & Professions [6319.10]

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Founder/President of Ninth Street Neighborhood Kids Club, Stoughton MA (Age 7-13)
    (Showing by example and encouraging income producing actions)

Junior Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Inventory & Supply Control) (Age 12)

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Stateside & International Military Activities (Age 13-17)

Bob’s Famous Foodmart, Stoughton, MA (Stock boy/Deli) (Age 15-17)

Getty Auto Repair and Gas Station, Norwell MA (Attendant/Manager) (Age 17)

Supervisor U.S. Navy Cryptologic Communications Centers, Worldwide (Age 18-25)

S. Veterans of Foreign Wars (Member) (Age 27)

U.S. Government Communication Center (DCASR) (Age 26-28)

Kosinski Real Estate (Owner/Operator) (Age 26-29)

Note: Bought my first home which was a two-family property – semi-conventional financing special 11% interest instead of the current rate of 18%. Lived in one unit, rent from other paid PITI, water, sewer, heat, electric! (Age 28)

Realty World Linn Associates Realtors, Easton MA (Agent) (Age 28)

Middleton & Carvalho Realtors, Easton, MA (Agent & Associate Broker) (Age 29)

RE/MAX Landmark Realtors, Stoughton, MA (Associate Broker) (Age 30)

Realty World Collins & McGrath Realty (Owner/Broker/Operator) (Age 31-33)

Harris’ Real Estate Licensing School (MA State Endorsed Instructor) (Age 31-62)

Floyd Wickman’s Sweat Hog Program (Broker – Affiliate) (Age 32)

Note: From flat broke and in debt at 29 years old, to the 1st $Million (mostly equity) made by 31st birthday during a recession with real estate prices dropping. Two years later on my 33rd birthday, my net worth was $6.5 million in Cash & Equity, controlling over $22 Million in property values near the end of the recession. All properties were acquired using creative real estate financing with little or no money down and no credit used.

Warning: At 31, I had become a multi-millionaire. Unfortunately, in doing so, my family had not seen much of me for almost five years. My beautiful wife and super smart beautiful daughter left me at my 31st birthday celebration. I had been building wealth for my family and now didn’t have my family; I went into a deep depression and walked away from everything – literally. I didn’t collect rents; I didn’t manage the properties; I just walked away. After my 34th birthday I filed personal bankruptcy and started over. This is why I can help others avoid the similar situations.

West Bridgewater, MA Lions Club (Member/President) (Age 34)

Homes Unlimited, Avon, MA (Associate Broker) (Age 34)

Buyer Agent’s Exchange (Founder/CEO/Instructor) (Age 37)

Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents (Member) (Age 36-40)

The Realty Center Inc. (Age 36-44)

Note: Instrumental in designing, presenting, & releasing the ‘new’ concept of “Buyer Broker Representation” nationally with Ralph Nader as spokesperson. (It is true that pioneers end up with arrows in their back…and I survived being one of the first Buyer Brokers. (Age 37-42)

Women’s Counsel of Realtors® (Member) (Age 40-44)

Plymouth & South Shore Association of Realtors® (Member) (Age 38-58 intermittently)

Greater Boston Association of Realtors® (Member) (Age 38-55 intermittently)

Greater Brockton Association of Realtors® (Member) (Age 29-55 intermittently)

Cape Cod & Islands Realtor™ Association (Member) (Age 40-48 intermittently)

North East Real Estate Exchange Association (Member) (Age 29-61 intermittently)

National Association of Realtors (Member) (Age 29-61 intermittently)

Massachusetts Association of Realtors (Member) (Age 29-61 intermittently)

The Association of Real Estate Investors Cape Cod, MA (Founder, Advisor, Presenter, Instructor) (Age 47-54)

The Association of Real Estate Investors Andover, MA (Founder, Advisor, Instructor) (Age 47-54)

The Association of Real Estate Investors Worcester, MA (Founder, Advisor, Presenter, Instructor) (Age 47-54)

The Association of Real Estate Investors Easton/Brockton, MA (Founder, Advisor, Presenter, Instructor) (Age 35-54)

The Association of Real Estate Investors ‘The Berkshires’ Lennox, MA (Founder, Presenter, Instructor) (Age 51-54)

Property Investigation Agency (Founder, Investigator) (Age 52-present)

At age 54, having sold all my Sober Houses and receiving repeated requests for the unique business plan on how I operated them. In 2010, I wrote and Published ‘Successful Sober House’ which included the story behind my successful sober houses and the actual business plan (including forms). Many people have enjoyed learning how to contribute to helping alcohol & drug addicts in recovery. The book will be republished in 2020 with links to the most updated forms & documents.

At age 55, (retired again) I entered into a two-year sabbatical and basically dropped out of the limelight as I privately finished advanced degree work in Theology and Divinity. Since then I sporadically continued to invest in real estate, but not 3-5 properties per week.

 At age 61, I bought and physically fixed (hands on), and flipped a property in Hanson, MA, documenting it to use as an example for future students. That’s when I realized why I stopped becoming so deeply involved with each property fifteen years earlier – too much work (physically & mentally)

At age 62, I moved to the San Francisco Bay area with the intent to help a friend become independently wealthy in real estate. She had taken my Asset Protection & Trusts Course twenty-two years earlier. I partnered with her and walked her through her first fix and flip during that time. Our plans for being in the real estate investment business in the Bay Area went awry within six weeks. Fortunately, I soon found new partners and business has taken off!
Life Synopsis [6319.10]

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Alan Kosinski is a distinguished author, recognized national speaker, and motivating teacher. In an industry overcrowded with second rate Real Estate investing courses that count on fluff and “up-sell” marketing rather than worthwhile content, this amazing teacher has made his mark on the Real Estate industry by demanding ethical standards for the industry. Drawing from his rich experience of successfully buying, rehabbing, listing, brokering, and selling Real Estate for over three decades, Alan has become teacher and mentor to thousands of investors, sales agents and brokers, while honing his craft to this day.

Alan has tackled every niche of the industry until dominating it. He then writes about and instructs others on the process down to the smallest detail.  He has made many fortunes in Real Estate investing and praises God for his success.  His lifelong goal is simply this … “To Help Others”.  He believes that we were all placed on this earth solely for this purpose and accomplishes this on many levels. As it pertains to Real Estate, he wishes to teach everyone who will listen how to create abundance in their lives just as he has in his own.

His live seminars, materials and home study courses are truly THE BEST available and in them he shares his powerful techniques, concepts and strategies in the greatest of detail. Alan continually teaches his effective Wealth Improvement Strategies, focusing on Creative Real Estate Investing.  His students are scholars of building wealth. They have learned how to accumulate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and many bring in over a MILLION DOLLARS per year!

Alan started with absolutely NOTHING; No job history; No credit; No cash; No degree; and No Real Estate education.  What he did have was the DESIRE to have abundance in his life and to teach others how to have the same. He determined that Real Estate investing was the best way to help others while creating abundance in his own life.  At one time, he was intimidated and embarrassed by Real Estate Agents who told him he and his wife were the type of people that would never own a home.  He now shows others how they can also succeed as he still locates prospective properties, investigates the details, creates deals, acquires them for little or NO MONEY DOWN, usually WITHOUT CREDIT NEEDED, and solves problems for the owner while creating large chunks of cash or great monthly cash flows!

Now, Alan has taken his Success Series seminars to the next level, expanding them and providing up-to-date information-packed boot camps on every aspect of Creative Real Estate Investing.  No other expert, even the most well-known national speakers in the field of Real Estate Investing, offer material of this caliber.

Contact Alan’s office to book a speaking engagement or find further information about the many outstanding programs he offers at:                    

About the Author [6319.10]

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Welcome to my Brag Page

I’m all about helping others.

On this website, you either have or will encounter some of the vastness of my past, current, and future life. I desire you to use anything you learn to expand far beyond what I’ve done. Please utilize any number of my many experiences and methods to increase the number of people you help, which will increase your financial wealth, and help you to become even happier in the process.

As you select each of the header topics, you’ll notice a wide range of business-related information and links. I’ve enjoyed a very busy business life, especially in all aspects of Real Estate. What many don’t realize, is that I have and continue to enjoy much, much more in all aspects of my far-reaching full life.

By expanding your mind, enlightened thoughts circulate as you move forward on your path.

I’ve had good times and bad times in business, in life, in love, and in spiritual/religious matters. All of these have shown me more ways to help other people with the difficulties in their lives.

One statement that I love to tell any who will listen is:
“If I were to write a biography of my life’s experiences, the account of each year would quickly expand beyond the size of a two-inch thick stand-alone novel. For each single year since age thirteen, my numerous encounters and experiences surpass what, for most, would be a full lifetime of events.”

Yes – I have experienced more in each single year since age 13 than most people experience in their entire lifetime! Because of the broad reach of these activities, I appear to be very eccentric to many people. – because, well, obviously, I am.

My adventures and experiences will continue until I transition from this life to beyond.

As mentioned on my website homepage:

Please join me in loving and helping others so that you can experience and
enjoy a happier life while in this human form.

Thanks for allowing me to brag a little.
Righteous Bragging [6319.10]

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