Up Close and Personal

Alan Kosinski is a professional author, speaker, and real estate wealth building expert who, for over 35 years has perfected many aspects of the real estate field from investing to brokerage to training and shares his extensive “hands on” knowledge through writing, speaking, mentoring, and partnering.

Alan has spent a lifetime learning what works and what doesn’t in building wealth, starting with no money, no cash, no credit, and no personal connections. Alan is an enthusiastic crusader of making people aware of the world around them and how to win at the game of life. He is driven to make the world a better place for all.

His favorite and most popular quote:

“We are here for one purpose and one purpose only: To help people. And to the extent that we help people is the extent of our own happiness.”
                                                              – Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

About Alan


1955 (A middle baby boomer)


Daughter: Charissa

Grand Children:

Granddaughter: Aurora


Life Extraordinaire (Much more than a life Survivor.)

Real Estate Extraordinaire


Professional Speaker

Spiritual/Ministerial Extraordinaire



  • Life experience in Real Estate, business, and entrepreneurial endeavors, backed by too many formal accredited and non-accredited courses, seminars, books, videos, and workshops.
  • Education (non-matriculated) in law. Not a lawyer and not an Attorney at Law.
  • Extensive independent study of philosophy, health and wellness, and human nature,
  • Advanced Academia in Theology (Earned) & Divinity (Honorary) – Just say double D

Your greatest achievement:

Becoming a loving, caring being within the continual abundance of God/Universe.

Personal motto:

Keep On…Keep’n On

Favorite saying:

Good Morning. How are you doing on this Bright Sunshiny Day?

Most humbling moment:

Going bankrupt

Greatest extravagance:

This is a hard one…I guess simple easy living and excellent food


The most influential book:

The Bible

Your most treasured possession:

My beautiful God Given brain

Word you most overuse?


What can you cook?

Spaghetti alla Carbonara, and a whole lot of other good stuff!

One habit you wish you could control:

Over-committing myself

As a child, what did schoolmates tease you about?

Being zit-faced, called “zonk”

What is in your car trunk right now?

Overnight bag, several bottles of water, a book of Life’s Imponderables

Who are your heroes?

  • Art Linkletter for being a modern day pioneer;
  • Mark Victor Hansen for his ability to help people’s dreams come true (I met Art Linkletter through him);
  • Walt Disney for his creativity and persistence;
  • Tom Hopkins for his excellent insight into sales;
  • T. Harv Ecker for his salesmanship techniques;
  • Napoleon Hill for opening my mind to actually Thinking and Growing Rich;
  • Jesus Christ for stability;
  • my dad Walter Kosinski who did the best he could and taught me more than he ever knew


Favorite escape from reality:

A good book (one you can’t put down)

One thing you would change about the world:

That people would stop using alcohol and drugs, the two things that mess up all societies

What do you dislike most about your appearance?

My waistline

I have a dream that…

I can help make the world a better place for 100% of humanity by helping in two very distinct ways:

1. Help people cope with their dependence to Alcohol and Drug abuse by supplying Successful Sober Houses that provide a safe, loving, home environment for long term recovery. Drug and Alcohol abuse affects everybody, everywhere, one way, or another.

2. Show people how to become independently wealthy much faster than they can on their own

The worst idea you ever had:

Opening, operating, and owning a large Night Club/Restaurant on the beach

Favorite color:


Your idea of exercise:

Rollerblading/bike riding/hiking

Favorite animal:

Maggie Mae Fetterman-Kosinski my Airedale Terrier doggie. (I will miss her forever.)


A food you love but never get to eat:

Polish Pierogis (Ground Pork & Beef filled) smothered with butter and salt

Least favorite food:

Pea soup (Tradition was pea soup dinner before trick or treating every Halloween night.)

Pet peeves:

Unwise people who think they are smart & know it all

What was your very first job?

Stock boy at small convenience store (Bob’s Famous Foodmart, Stoughton, MA)

What is your fondest memory of your youth?

Playing monopoly by candlelight with my family in a rented lakeside Maine cottage during a thunderstorm when the lights went out

Favorite Sport:

Only one? Naaaah. – Snorkeling (Is that really a sport?) Hiking, rollerblading, and bicycle riding

College major almost chose:


With nuts or without?

Usually without