My Purpose
To continue to gather life’s experiences and then disseminate the positive information and aspects of those experiences to help others learn and perform by avoiding the drama and mistakes I’ve made, allowing them to streamline their successful journey.

My Passion
“I Inspire, Teach, and Mentor those who desire to help others… 
utilizing personal experiences and infinite intelligence in Real Estate, Business, & Spirituality.
My students become professional caring heroes.
Together, we find solutions where others fail.”

My Cause
I endeavor to embrace the epidemic alcohol & drug abuse that destroys individuals, families, societies, and the world at large. As part of that endeavor, I inform, encourage, empower, teach and help others to join me in supplying the sober living environments, in particular the housing involved with the recovery process, based on the needs of each addict, one person at a time. I’ve dedicated my knowledge, money, and more importantly, my time to this virtuous endeavor.

Over ten percent of all of the net incomes of each of the companies that I either own or control are donated to worthwhile causes.

Life Extraordinaire
I dubbed myself “Alan David Kosinski a true Life Extraordinaire” who utilizes his time on earth to help people create their best lives.

My personal passions include gaining knowledge of varied topics, led through curiosity. I learn by researching via all means of electronic and printed media involving reading, keen viewing, thoughtful listening, and both organic & spiritual interactions that include the caring listening of people and their thoughts.

Understanding that correct use of knowledge is powerful, I encourage others by my writing, speaking, teaching, mentoring, and all manner of social interactions that move me to become better at engaging those that could utilize this knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy the company of others especially when discussions concerning ways to help more people improve their lives occur.

One excellent example of fulfilling lives has become my main cause: providing Successful Sober Houses for those in recovery from alcohol & drug abuse. During one of my short-lived retirements, I opened and operating five such homes. While my knowledge base grew on the topic, my organizational methods and the corresponding documentation were tested and perfected. The cumulative effect was that I ended up writing the book that has helped many others set up and manage their own ‘Successful Sober House” – which is the title of the book.

Why I Exist [6319.10]