Are You Ready to Lose Everything?

  • Do you own real estate in your name?
  • Do you own vehicles, insurance policies, bank accounts, furniture, or artwork in your name?
  • Do you hold notes, mortgages, bank accounts, or life insurance policies in your name?

Americans have a 10 percent chance of being sued in any given year and a 33 percent chance of being sued in their lifetimes, according to IFG Trust Services Inc., an international investment firm.

Let that sink in…1 of every 3 people is sued during their lifetime.

Some are sued many more times than others – such as those who are in business, especially real estate!

You are a real estate investor who has a great chance to become rich in this great business…however it is also a very highly litigious business and your chances of getting sued and losing everything is very high.

Protect yourself from the undeserving plunderers who can ruin your life forever!

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Real Estate Investor or a newbie, you need to protect your assets before it’s too late. I’ve seen people start small and make it big, just to lose everything in an instant!

Some people want to wait until they make a ton of money, others never even knew there were simple alternatives to use along the way, in either case they have lost it all and, unfortunately, most never recover!

Consider these cases:

Case 1:

You have an Umbrella Insurance Policy recommended by attorney, accountant, & Insurance agent. The policy itself points to all your insurable assets – including all your real estate. You actually become a lawsuit target!

Utilizing separate trusts for each property that stand alone does not leave any trails for others to follow toward your other assets.

Case 2:

You feel well protected because you have an LLC that holds ownership of all your real estate. One lawsuit originating from any one of your properties exposes all your other properties! Your LLC proves to be useless! One alternative is to set up a separate LLC for each property, but that is expensive. Also, each LLC is a public record that exposes your name, which in effect, lets anybody know your business holdings.

           Each realty trust is inexpensive to set up and as beneficiary, your name is not exposed anywhere publicly. Additionally, trusts should be ‘stacked’ so that the beneficiary of one trust is another trust, which in tur could be yet another trust – making it close to impossible to know who the real owner is.

Case 3:

You have the popular ‘Living Trust’ that many smart & educated people have in place for estate planning purposes and believe that you are ‘all set’ – But…estate planning and asset protection are very different. High liability property such as investment real estate should not publicly be connected to your Living Trust that holds everything you own.

            A much better strategy is to own title to the investment real estate in Realty Trusts with the beneficiary of those trusts being your Living Trust. This method converts real estate title ownership into personal property which is known as ‘personalty’ (not personality) which is another layer of protection from liability.

All your assets, including real estate are protected by using what you will learn in The The Millionaire Mindset of Asset Protection and Realty Trusts Course.

– With Your Successes, I’ll See You Over the Top,

            – Alan David Kosinski, Real Estate Extraordinaire

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