Finding Money for Your Investments

How to find money you may not know you have, to finance your worthy investments. Most people are only aware of the institutional realm of Stocks, Bonds, Bank CDs, Mutual Funds, and other vehicles that are available through financial advisors. Unfortunately, those advisors make money on you whether you make money or not. Other people … Read more

Positive Choices Equal Freedom!

Fulfil Your Dreams & Goals

What Would You DO If Money Were No Object?

Wait. What? Whoa! Huh? Yes. You should stop – right here – right now. This is a question you must answer…right now! Grab a sheet of paper and a pen or open a new word doc and start typing or start talking into your phone and send your reply to your email box. What would … Read more

You Make More of a Difference Than You Think!

Seven years ago, upon completion of a life-changing, two-year sabbatical that concluded with the realization that middle age had been reached. I was fifty-seven years old and had beat many negative medical situations. I began slowly losing weight and realized that physically I was becoming younger through becoming healthier. The main reason for the sabbatical … Read more

Too Many Real Estate Investing Courses, Books, Seminars, Workshops?

Confused? Which Guru?s What Info? What First? When I started learning about real estate investing, life was much easier. There were basically two gurus and the term Real Estate Guru wasn’t even invented yet. Those two choices were Albert J. Lowry and Robert G. Allen. When I attended my first seminar which was Albert Lowry’s, … Read more

10 Minutes to Everything You Would Ever Want

What do you really – really Want? Face the truth – you don’t know! Take ten minutes right now to find out. I mean like – right now! If you are at work, or a wedding, or whatever and can’t take a break…take a break anyway and go to the rest room. It’s that important … Read more

You Are the Extraordinary, Ordinary, Person.

Most of us have seemingly ordinary lives. We follow the famous, wealthy, influential and honored and live vicariously through them to satisfy our own yearning. Each one of us is able to be extraordinary while remaining seemingly ordinary. Many only wish to someday be lucky enough to become as astonishing. They/maybe you, may begin to … Read more

Do You Turn Over Rocks for Success?

When “Turning over a rock” the outcome can be interpreted two completely opposite ways. The first thoughts for most people appear to be an unpleasant consequence such as finding insects or snakes under that proverbial rock. It’s typically a warning to avoid danger by not investigating too deeply, by not poking your nose into what … Read more

How can an Earthquake Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

Let me tell you a story about a man named Alan. Yes, this a story about me. This story began years ago and the same old non-productive pattern was “interrupted” by an EARTHQUAKE last night. Many years ago, I was informed by those in the know, that one of the best things that I can … Read more

Simple Actions to Real Estate Success (Part 3 of 3)

Presented by Alan David Kosinski for Real Estate Investors Thunder ( The question that I hear the most from both beginners and others who have not made money in real estate investing is “How can I become successful in Real Estate Investing?” After setting goals (see part 1),and building Business Acumen (see part 2), the … Read more