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Fulfil Your Dreams & Goals

For our Friends

by Tony and Letty Antonio 1. Exercise for 30 minutes each day 2. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. 3. Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, & Dinner like a Beggar. 4. Eat more foods that are grown on trees & plants and eat less food that is manufacture in plants. … Read more

What Would You DO If Money Were No Object?

Wait. What? Whoa! Huh? Yes. You should stop – right here – right now. This is a question you must answer…right now! Grab a sheet of paper and a pen or open a new word doc and start typing or start talking into your phone and send your reply to your email box. What would … Read more

10 Minutes to Everything You Would Ever Want

What do you really – really Want? Face the truth – you don’t know! Take ten minutes right now to find out. I mean like – right now! If you are at work, or a wedding, or whatever and can’t take a break…take a break anyway and go to the rest room. It’s that important … Read more

The Magic Photocopier

Purpose of Life

Do You Have a Millionaire Mindset?

IWhat would you do if you were a millionaire? Allow me to re-word and re-phrase that question. What would you do if you unexpectedly were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? Really, it could happen, so I want you to list those items right here right now, either on a note pad or right here in … Read more