Do You Have a Millionaire Mindset?

IWhat would you do if you were a millionaire?

Allow me to re-word and re-phrase that question. What would you do if you unexpectedly were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? Really, it could happen, so I want you to list those items right here right now, either on a note pad or right here in this book. Before we go any further stop, grab a pen or pencil and jot down the first ten things that you would do with a million dollars tomorrow (tax free for those of you analytical types):











It really is truly important that you stop and write these down before reading any further. The purpose of doing this exercise will immensely affect your personal positive outcome of you reading this book. Just do it!

If you are having trouble finding ten things, I urge you to stay with it until you have the list complete.

Do you really want to have the millionaire’s mindset?

That’s an unfair question. You don’t know what you will have to sacrifice to have the mindset of a millionaire. Let’s see…

What does it take for you to have the millionaire mindset?

The best way to start is to define what the millionaire mindset may be.

If someone wins the lottery for millions of dollars, do they automatically get the millionaire mindset? Absolutely not. All you must do is type “lottery losers” into the search engine google. One result starts with: “The perception is once you win the lottery, you are set — you’re in great shape. But in reality…” the reality is that without the millionaire mindset, any “found” money such as winning the lottery, winning a lawsuit, getting a workman’s comp case settlement, receiving a deceased parents life insurance policy payout, and usually any inheritance is …well, lost – almost as fast as it was received.

On the other hand, those who have figured out how to acquire the millionaire mindset have no problems having all the money they need when they need or want it. Money flows through their lives continually. If one of these people would win the lottery it would be remarkable because these are not the people who buy lottery tickets. The “poor” lower classes of people are the ones that buy lottery tickets, file lawsuits, struggle with workman’s comp issues for years, and inherit wealth into their own names directly from the parent’s personal estates, after paying hefty “death” taxes.

Most people who receive undeserved chunks of cash or income streams immediately start spending it on stuff they would have never had otherwise. It doesn’t take long for it to be gone, and in many cases, they spend more than they receive bringing them to face bankruptcy.

The wealthy on the other hand are, for the most part, content. They know that they can afford anything they want – but they don’t want more than they already have. They are thrifty but enjoy a much higher standard of living.

One book that I would suggest is “The Millionaire Next Door.” This will open your eyes to the millionaires that you encounter daily. Yes, they live among us. You may be surprised how many of your neighbors are already in the millionaire arena. This book will open your eyes to seeing real wealth. All those pictures in your mind about the big houses, cars, big-boy toys, sexy girly cars, and such that you expect a millionaire to be showing off with, well, for most true millionaires, live, look, and appear to be regular gals & guys! The difference is that they have peace of mind, are comfortable and happy with their chosen lifestyle and they have no stress because they know they are safe and secure.

Okay, remember the list you made about what you would do if you were awarded a tax-free one million dollars tomorrow? If you had difficulty filling out the list, and I mean you really were struggling and couldn’t list the whole 10 items, you probably already have the millionaire mindset. If you couldn’t list any items or only one or two, you definitely have the millionaire mindset, but you should keep learning more on the topic. Continue to read my other articles to learn how to have even a more fulfilling life…maybe by helping others with their journey to wealth…maybe to have the time to volunteer somewhere…maybe to do absolutely nothing. Oh, by the way, that last one – doing nothing – I’ve been there, done that…retired four times and it gets boring.

Oh, one last thing: Go back and really make an honest attempt to fill in that above list, and mark this moment as the day that your life changed for the best!

Join me in this wonderful journey through life as we build ourselves into more powerful, educated, and helpful beings so that we can help others along their path to success.

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II’ll see you over the top as you fulfill your dreams & goals,
Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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