Do You Turn Over Rocks for Success?

When “Turning over a rock” the outcome can be interpreted two completely opposite ways. The first thoughts for most people appear to be an unpleasant consequence such as finding insects or snakes under that proverbial rock. It’s typically a warning to avoid danger by not investigating too deeply, by not poking your nose into what might open a pandora’s box – something you just don’t want to get into. The passivity of the limiting thought of “I’m okay with my life as it is, even though I know it could be better, but I don’t know what will happen if I were to step out and try something new.” This is not to be mistaken as laziness, it is fear of what might happen if one did something different. In most instances, it is not the fear of failure, but the fear of what success could bring.

The other though pattern concerning turning over that rock is “leave no stone unturned.” This interpretation suggests that you continue to seek, investigate, and learn by looking into all available options and scenarios. You move forward and reveal everything you can in any given situation. By continuing to turn over more rocks (digging deeper) you will have the more facts that you need to make a knowledgeable, competent and scientific decisions. The drawback here is the time and energy that may be used-without end could be devastating. It’s the paralysis of analysis, which stops those ‘thinkers’ from doing anything productive.

Two views on passivity:

Leave well enough alone is a philosophy that most people will follow.

Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Both axioms have benefit in many of life’s instances. In business life the first should not be followed – you should definitely NOT leave well enough alone. You should turn over as many rocks as you can find.

The second one, even in business should be adhered to – to a point. After you have investigated thoroughly, discovered many (not all) possible positives and negatives, turned over many of the rocks, and then, upon review – aim for the simplest.

In real estate investing many people will follow the simplest, most passive route and not turn over the rocks. Therefore, they fail in real estate investing, lose money, and why many file bankruptcies on either their first or second transaction. This passive method is how most people live their own private lives, but in business, especially the real estate business, you must dig deeper.

Success in anything you do in life, especially business, and even more particularly in Real estate means that you must turn over each rock and dig deeper, learning all you can possibly learn about the business in general and any particular property you are contemplating buying. This of course includes knowing all about the property, and what you must also uncover is everything about the people selling it, including the true reasons that they must sell. The more rocks you turn over the lower your risk of moving ahead properly. You’ll make more money while experiencing fewer negative surprises by turning those rocks over.

In summary, avoid being passive, turn over rocks and take action to move your business forward. Don’t be afraid to turn any rock over, learn from what you find, and maybe adjust your path based on that new knowledge. Avoid paralysis of analysis, and you’ll remain a winner.

I’ll see you Over the Top,

Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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