How Extraordinary Can Your Future Become?

You are watching the main character in a movie.  The movie is about their life.  It starts NOW. 

You picture a superhero. You see this character at the top of a tall building, about to ‘leap tall buildings with a single bound.’ You observe that they are frozen between the past and the future. They are in the present and realize this fact for the first time in their life. They want to move ahead but fear has their feet cemented to the floor. They then realize that it’s not actually a building, but it is their emotions that are elevated, and they’re scared to death.  If they take that proverbial leap and fail, they perceive sudden death. If they take the leap and are successful, they will have everything their heart desires.

The clock is ticking, and they have to make a decision. Stay where they are for the rest of their ordinary life, or take a leap toward success, wealth, and happiness. They can’t make a decision. They are both comfortable knowing where they are now with their daily routines knowing that they’ll basically repeat what will happen on a day to day basis during their life, and they are uncomfortable knowing deep inside that they are actually going nowhere. They know they should take the chance. The clock hands are moving faster now. Can’t decide. They are spinning faster and faster. Can’t decide. The days are flying by. Can’t decide. The weeks and months are now flying by. Can’t decide. The years are moving faster than he ever thought possible. They life is passing by. They are continually struggling with bills. They want to take the leap but…can’t decide when. The years are flying by now faster than ever! They wish they took action sooner but still can’t decide to start now and take the leap. Time is still flying faster and faster. Their kids are now grown; their spouse dies of old age. They are alone.

Then time slows down. They are living in a small apartment paid by the government. Time slows further. They are lonely and poor. They have very few good memories. The clock ticks by minute by slow minute. Their health is failing due to inactivity. Even though there may have been occasional good times, their memories are all negative money situations. They do not have memoirs of great accomplishments; their recollections are of lifelong struggles. They watch the second hand on the clock as it moves slower. Family and friends may visit, but they leave too soon. They count the seconds. Their body is living, but pain is in his joints. The clock moves slower. They are told by doctors that they have many years left to live. They can’t stand the life they’ve had, and the life they now have is not really living. Time drags on. Frustration. Loneliness. They think of the legacy that they is not leaving. If only they had taken the leap into wealth. If only they didn’t waste their life on trivialities. When they are gone, they will be forgotten. The clock is moving too slow. Their life…. YOUR life…. has become a living nightmare.

You are shaken.  Your eyes open. You are back on top of the building. Again, you are frozen between the past and the future. You realize that you must make a choice. A leap of faith into success or … was this a dream … or are you getting a second chance?

Stop wondering, stop wandering, take that second chance! The time is now – today, to set your dreams into goals and build a legacy to leave to future generations.

Whatever your physical age, you can start Now. One great person that I’ve admired since I was very young was Art Linkletter who wrote many books, started many businesses, and when I finally met him on his 94th birthday he was starting two new businesses and beginning to co-write a book with Mark Victor Hansen (Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books). He was beginning to show feebleness, but still head-strong and sharp. Although he died three years later, both businesses are still operating now for over 10 years and his book was a number one best seller! You can never be too old.

You can never be too young either. My daughter found, financed, and bought her first house when she was 17 (she did it all and presented it to me to sign documents because she was under legal age) and years later her daughter started her first business at age nine manufacturing and selling an entire selection of original scented candles, involving many of her school classmates!

The only excuses for not achieving success is within your mind. Clear it out and put only good thought back in it.

If you procrastinate, find excuses not to attend to the importance of your life, or put it off embracing your greatness…your life will be just as it is today…or maybe even worse.

Think about the superhero dream story you just read. Take the leap.  DON’T let the above nightmare story be YOUR life!

You CAN fulfill your dreams.

I’ll see you over the top as you achieve your dreams & goals,

Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

* * * * * * *
In each future article I’ll take you closer to more wealth through empowering and educational articles.

Until then, see if you can discover ways to immediately implement what you learned from today’s message.

© Copyright 2019 Alan David Kosinski

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