February – New Year Success for YOU!

Wow! January seemed to fly by. The question I have for you is: How is the rest of this year going to make it the best year of your life?

Maybe that is an unfair question. No, it is an unfair question.

The reason it’s unfair is that you can’t possibly know how to answer it. The rest of the year isn’t going to do anything for you…it’s just lurking in some future chance.

Here’s the question I probably should ask: What action steps are you going to take, starting this week, to make the rest of this year the best year of your life?

Wait. Let’s think about this. I shouldn’t be asking you any influencing questions. The questions have to come from you yourself and they can only be answered by you.

Stop. Actually, just stop reading for a moment. Pause. Count to ten slowly. Pause. Now, ask yourself: What am I going to do differently to induce life-changing differences in my life?

If you are like most people – you’ll do nothing. Most people complain but stay as they are and keep complaining. Most will read this invitation and postpone taking real action steps. Back in the day, I was introverted, quiet, and found it hard to go to an investment meeting because I wasn’t really an investor. That obviously changed.

If you want to step up to a much better life, it is up to you…and, I know, it can be challenging – it can be difficult – it is truly hard to change…but, if you are ready to start improving your life this month…

…I’ll make it easy for you to move forward. Take one action step right now – plan to attend Wednesday’s meeting in Pleasanton.

Your dreams of building wealth, becoming rich through real estate, expanding your social circles, and breaking through to the best year of your life begin Wednesday Evening.

I’ll make it even easier: Your first meeting with us is FREE!
Sign up on our REI Thunder website.

I’m here to help you make this the best year of your life! – Alan David Kosinski


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