Finding Money for Your Investments

How to find money you may not know you have, to finance your worthy investments.

Most people are only aware of the institutional realm of Stocks, Bonds, Bank CDs, Mutual Funds, and other vehicles that are available through financial advisors. Unfortunately, those advisors make money on you whether you make money or not. Other people try the craziness of day-trading that doesn’t work either. Others try real estate investing on their own and end up going bankrupt – even in good markets.

Unlike the institutions that take your money and at best offer you a small interest rate, or worse take fees every time they move your money from one investment to another, there are other, very safe ways, to grow your finances. You can cut out the middleman and increase your financial returns.

There are many worthy investments available to everyone, including you, that are outside those institutional boxes. Rest assured; you are not alone. Most everyone, including most of the comfortable middle class, are not aware that these income producing options are available.

For example: You can very easily invest money directly into ‘hands off’ real estate and businesses. This means that your money is going to work for you without you having to be involved in the day-to-day management.

Let’s take a look at the real estate example:

• The #1 Problem of real estate investors is the availability of worthy properties in which to invest.

• The #2 Problem of real estate investors is completing what is known as “Due Diligence.” Properly researching their prospective properties, determining the values, and costs and profitability and if the investment is viable, structuring a profitable investment scenario.

• The #3 Problem of real estate investors is the availability of money for their transactions.

I’ve been investing in real estate for over 37 years. You can learn how to solve these problems on your own and it may take time and lots of effort. I can help you because the solutions for all 3 of these major problems are covered in these 3 interactive companies supplying you with answers:
 #1 Solved: ALKO Property Buyer Group (Investigates & structures transactions)
 #2 Solved: ALKO REIThunder™ (Identifies viable properties through its members)
 #3 Solved: Real Property Funding Trust (RPFT) (Brings your money to the transaction)

I’ve set up this group of companies to specifically address these 3 problems and allow you to begin making money in real estate immediately. Whether you work with the above companies or not is your choice, but in either case, you will need money, and the topic of this article is how you can find money for your worthy investments and I list those below.

Most people do not realize how many financial resources that they currently have at their fingertips. The following list are ways that you may not have thought about before:

Step 1: Identifying Your Financial Resources

Your Credit
Personal Credit Lines
Business Credit Lines

Other People’s Credit (OPC): Your friends, relatives, partners, etc.
Personal Credit Lines
Business Credit Lines

Your Money
Bank Accounts
Bank CDs
Insurance Policies
Self-Directed IRA -Your IRA stays intact – No withdrawal penalties & taxes
Roth IRA Your profits are tax free
Regular IRA
All other retirement funds (401k, Keogh (H.R.10), etc.)

Other People’s Money (OPM): Your friends, relatives, partners, etc.
Bank Accounts
Bank CDs
Insurance Policies
Retirement Funds:
Roth IRA
All other retirement funds
Self-Directed IRA

Step 2: Transferring Your Financial Resources to Real Property Funding Trust (RPFT) or the business entity that you own that will hold your investment property. If you set your own up, follow the example below on how I utilize RPFT.

RPFT is a private repository that borrows and lends money from various sources and lends to real estate investors either directly or indirectly for their various projects.

Get your money and other financial resources and working for you by utilizing one of these two options:

Option 1: Lending it directly to RPFT
• We pay much higher than bank rates
• Depending on the terms of the loan (initial amount, timeframe, type of collateralization or not, payment schedule, and other factors)
• Example A: 4% Annual Interest Five Year Note secured by property mortgage/trust deed.
• Example B: 7% Annual Interest Two Year Note unsecured

 If you are one of our unsecured lenders and you have found a property that you need funding for, we will process your transaction to ensure that it is a worthy property and loan the funds to your company for 1% more than we are paying you on the Note and 1 point for processing. This way your money is receiving good interest until you need it for a worthwhile investment!

 If you are a money finding “Birddog” and you have sent us a lead of someone who has become one of our unsecured lenders, you may be eligible for discounts when you need funding for one of your own property projects. Depending on the loan that RPFT has received from your lead, you could get funding for 2% more than what we are paying along with only a 2-point processing fee! This way you win two ways!

Option 2: Lend your money directly to a Real Estate Investor yourself.
You can choose to find real estate investors in which to lend money for their projects on your own. However, at RPFT we are constantly receiving requests from investors that require funding for their projects. If you list your money availability with us, many times we will email the particulars of the loan request to our list of money lenders such as you. Based on a first come-first served basis, you will receive further details and contact information of the applicant. You will be responsible for your own due diligence and your own documentation. You then loan the money directly to our customer and you will pay RPFT a finder’s fee based on a percentage of the loan.

IF YOU WANT TO GET STARTED BUT ALL THIS SEEMS COMPLICATED, PLEASE CONTACT US. We have found that some of the people that are seeking better ways to get their money working for them need more information before making any decision. We can walk you through the steps to follow, answering any questions along the way, making it very easy for you to understand and get started.

For further information, please email me at and place the words “Finding Money” in the subject line.

I truly hope that this information is helpful although it may sound like an advertisment…which, in a way, it is.

I’ll See You Over The Top

Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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