Goal Setting and Goal Getting!

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Goalsetting and GoalGetting

Most people don’t know what goals are, other than related to football, hockey, or soccer.

Have you ever decided to set a New Years resolution?

Have you ever decided to buy a newer car?

Have you ever decided to go on vacation?

Have you ever decided to do anything?

The obvious answer is yes.

These are examples of dreams that started to become goals once you started to plan their fulfillment.

Once you knew beyond any doubt that you were definitely going to buy that car, take that vacation, or stick to it until the New Years’ resolution was finished, it became a goal.

Those fulfilled goals were once only thoughts or imaginary dreams in your head.

            Then you got more serious and started planning a possible outcome.

            At one point you realized that you could accomplish this dream if you really wanted to.

            You started planning to ensure that the dream would come true.

            You set a target date for accomplishment

            That plan was put into action by comparing car models, saving money for the vacation, or seriously following through with your resolution.

            Then you started working the plan with more intensity as the day of completion got closer.

            You then enjoyed the newer car, the vacation, or the accomplishment of the New Years’ resolution.

            Without realizing it,

you set a goal,

set a time frame,

developed a plan,

and followed your plan.

            All this was set in motion by desire – strong desire.

With this in mind you can see that you have already successfully completed many thousands of goals in your life.

But why didn’t you complete the other dreams that you have had?

What if you could complete every New Year’s Resolution to perfection?

What if you could be continuously on vacation?

What if you could have the car or cars of your choice, any time you wanted it?

You may have never thought of it this way, but you already have the formula.

We just reviewed it.

You have got what you have wanted in the past by following the formula, though you didn’t know it.

You can complete every New Year’s Resolution to perfection.

You can be continuously on vacation.

You can have the car or cars of your choice, any time you want.

You already have all the power within you…and deep down you know it.

Why then is it so difficult just to get by?

Why don’t you already have it all?

I’ve already shown you that you have the power and you have already proven it to yourself.

What you need more of is how to bring that internal power to the surface.

How to do the exact things needed to accomplish any dream you may have.

You need to be shown how to get what you really want by using what you already have.

Anything can be yours.

I’ll show you how to get what you want in Your Millionaire Mindset of Goal Getting Workshop!

But it doesn’t stop there….I’ll show you much more from my experiences:

Here’s an example:

Roughly thirty-six years ago at age 27, I was like most Americans of any age.

  • I was broke,
  • owed more than I made,
  • and was sinking deeper and deeper into debt.
  • Then without realizing it, I set crazy goals based on crazy dreams.
  • I strictly followed the same plan you did when you have accomplished some of your dreams.

Within 3 years I had become a millionaire in real estate…and I didn’t have a course of study to follow like the one I’m offering you.

Only two years later, 5 years into my wealth journey I was worth over $6.5 million dollars….This means that if I sold all my properties at fire-sale, discounted prices, I’d have $6.5 MM in the bank!

I had everything that a 32 year old American guy could want:

  • A beautiful loving wife,
  • A perfect wonderful daughter,
  • Great friends,
  • Fun cars
  • A boat
  • Vacations
  • Travel
  • Massive real estate holdings
  • Multiple booming businesses
  • Cash flow
  • Television and radio appearances
  • Working only three days per week,
  • and spending the Summer on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Cape Cod!!

Impressive? Maybe.

What’s impressive is that I had built this great empire, including the lifestyle, in the middle of a national financial recession when real estate values were crashing!

As I said, according to everything that the American male could ever want, I had it all.

I had proven that if I could make it

During a recession & collapsing enconomy

Starting with no money

No credit

And No education or real estate back ground,

…that anyone can make it!

I had set financial goals and got everything I could imagine!

At that time, although I had it all, I didn’t understand how to set goals in order to balance my entire life. Then in one instant, an emotional traumatic event happened: It changed my focus to no focus.

Instantaneously my entire world turned upside down.

Within weeks I had nothing.

No wife, no daughter, no family, no friends, no money, no real estate, no businesses, no cars, no home. – – – Nothing – really, truly, nothing.

MC Hammer said “My priorities should have always been God, family, community, and then business. Instead they had been business, business, and business.” My story is his.

I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ve enjoyed life a lot more since then. I’ve gained great wealth.

You can avoid the mistakes I made by learning how to balance your life!

The importance of “The Millionaire Mindset of Goal Getting” workshop will not only show you how to get it all, but also how to balance your entire life so that you can enjoy it all.

It will show you how to get and enjoy anything you want including

the freedom from financial worry, the physical stuff, great relationships, and balancing everything into who you really are and what you really want…

…without guilt or regret.

This is truly the best thing that you can do for, your family, your friends, your business, and everyone that you come in contact with, but especially for yourself.

You owe it to you, whatever your age or situation.

There is nothing to ‘think about’.

Let your inner gut lead the way.

You know it is right.

This will change your life – forever.


I’ll see you at the top as you fulfill your dreams & goals.

-Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

* * * * * * *
In each future article I’ll take you closer to more wealth through empowering and educational articles. Until then, see if you can discover ways to immediately implement what you learned from today’s message.

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