How can an Earthquake Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

Let me tell you a story about a man named Alan. Yes, this a story about me. This story began years ago and the same old non-productive pattern was “interrupted” by an EARTHQUAKE last night.

Many years ago, I was informed by those in the know, that one of the best things that I can do for business success is to start a blog and post something – anything- at least every other day. You could have a famous person’s quote posted, link to other blogger’s sites, link to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and many others, and an occasional post produced by me would be helpful. More detailed professional advice over the years caught my attention as the development of blogging gained more strength in the marketplace. Now it is suggested that bloggers should post an originally produced post, such as an article, every day – consistently. Additionally, linking to other websites, especially other peoples original blog posts is powerful, and even more powerful is having other people link to your original posts. The more links that your articles can have to outside sources, the better recognized your website will become, that is why in many blog articles you will see hot-linked words to dictionary sites, or other people’s articles.

I’ve come to believe that this is the way to go because I was personally attracted to the blog posts of others, and I waited with high expectation for the next posting. Some of those heroes that I enjoyed started strong and after a few weeks stopped posting, or at least only posted once every month or so. This was very disappointing. I contacted several and there were some excuses that personal life got in the way or that they were ill, or whatever. The bottom line is that most did not start posting again and those who did were not consistent enough to hold my anticipation.

Over the last sixteen years or so, I’ve been trying to do the things needed to post a blog every day. Like so many others before me, I’ve failed time and time again to be consistent.

I have plenty of articles that I’ve written over the years that never got posted anywhere. I have hundreds of originally produced quotes – most of which have not been published anywhere. I have hundreds of original pictures and about a hundred original videos. In other words, I have all this material on various real estate, business, and spiritual matters, not to mention tons of personal materials, that could enhance people’s lives.

So, the question begs, why don’t I continue and ensure that I have something posted each day?

First, it is not necessarily for me to increase business – I plan to post all this stuff that I have for free so that I can help multitudes of people – and since you are reading this right now, it could benefit you.

For the last several months, my small team and I have pulled all these great things together, compiling hundreds of my articles, quotes, and such. I’ve tried several times over the last few months to keep the daily postings up – to no avail. I’m usually working deep into the night and get to bed usually about 2-3 am.

This is what brings me to last night:

              New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2020

The perfect day to kick off the perpetuation of my New Years Resolution “Posting at least one original post each day.”

As the first day of the year neared an end, I was sitting right where I am right now. I chose a couple articles to post before the day was over, but wasn’t moving toward posting either of them.

Then at 11:16pm, just as I had admitted that I was not going to get started with my posts, a feeling of failure and an Oh, well – I missed another deadline…everything around me started shaking. It was a strange feeling of the world possibly ending, it was a very violent, very close earthquake! The epicenter was just over 4 miles away at a magnitude of 3.9, and it only lasted a few seconds.

It got my attention. Was it a sign from the higher power of God? I stopped working and went to bed – very early for me.

Right now, it’s January 2nd, at 1:52pm local (California) time. I’m just finishing this new article.

I’m asking you for your help. I need encouragement, feedback, and responses to this and any of my blog posts. My thinking is that with an ever-growing family of supporters, I will be encouraged to continue my posts, helping many more people like you with the accumulated knowledge and wisdom that I have to bestow.

I’m viewing my earthquake experience as my wakeup call to get going and keep going as I encourage more people to connect with each other for the good of all.

You don’t have to wait to be encouraged by a potentially dangerous seismic event such as an earthquake – I hope that this article moves you, encourages you, to start today to pursue your dreams and goals, and when you fail like I do, be encouraged to start again.

Thank-you. I’ll see you over the top,

Alan David Kosinski, The Life Extraordinaire

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