I Enjoy Life

My goal is to help others to feel free and enjoy life also.

I could write a lengthy, awe inspiring, thought provoking autobiography for each of the years of my life starting at age 13. I’ve experienced more in each of those years than many people in their entire lifetime. By reading those books you would learn 50+ lifetimes of knowledge & wisdom.

That would be impossible for both of us. Allow my blog posts here to suffice.

Read, comment, and learn from my posts, as I will learn from your comments. You can use the information I provide as shortcuts to enjoying life fuller than you could ever have imagined.

This blog will pass on some of the knowledge and insight that I enjoy and give you a hand up to being happier… and that is my true joy – helping others.

Please leave your comments so that I can know if this blog is as useful as it can be.

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