Own Your Own Shit!

Own Your Own Shit. Oops, I mean Crap.

Taking responsibility is hard. The majority of people in today’s society would rather play the blame game.

Oh, crap…I used the “S” word. I didn’t intend to be vulgar – just wanted to make a point.

I could use the word-processing program as an excuse. Yep. You read it right. It’s not really my fault that the “S” word slipped out. The program did it…and I hope you don’t believe that. Okay, let’s get real…I purposely used the word “shit!” I take full responsibility. I own it. Several of my friends are saying…”What’s wrong with Alan today? I’ve never heard him swear.” …and they are missing the point. Whatever word I used you would still be thinking the same thing in your mind…and you are responsible for that.

You have to own your shit to be able to grow good things from it.

It is really so easy to play the blame game. It’s easy to back out of the responsibility. If it’s shit, you can’t take the blame – it’s not your fault. Go ahead and blame your childhood; blame your kids; blame your spouse; blame your ex; blame your boss, blame your co-workers; blame your political leaders; blame your government; blame your dog…blame, blame, blame. Notice that everything in this paragraph is yours…blame your                .

Maybe instead of blaming ‘your’ anything, you would rather blame ‘the’ economy; blame politics; blame the pharmaceutical companies; blame the world population; blame the melting ice caps; blame the weather. How ridiculous is this? We have all done it…we’ve blamed everyone and everything but ourselves.

That’s ENOUGH! Stop blaming anyone or anything. Don’t even blame yourself. Its all in the past. It’s up to you to keep it out of your future. It’s time to change.

Eventually all the great thinkers, all the successful people, and all the wealthy (I didn’t say rich), all the happy people, and all the winners have finally figured it out. They don’t blame anyone, including themselves. They take responsibility for EVERYTHING that has happened in their life, that was in their life, and that is to be in their life. If they don’t like the outcome of something, they learn from past behaviors and change their thoughts along with their outlook.

Yes, it isn’t easy. Taking responsibility is hard. The majority of people in today’s society would rather play the blame game.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers and stop shifting the responsibility. That’s not you anymore. We have all done it and each of us can stop the blame game.

Do you want to feel freedom? Do you want to see yourself happy? Do you want to enjoy the sweet feelings of peace?

Take ownership of your thoughts, look toward the positive, and take responsibility for your own life. It takes courage. Claim it. Claim everything in your future. That is when your life will start to change.

When you are courageously able to say “I am responsible for this” you have taken the first step.

The second step is “What was my role in this.”

Third, ask the question “What can be learned from this.”

You will begin to understand that you are the cause of all your experiences. . . Yes, All.

Once you start looking at each detail of your life, both positives and negatives, you will notice a sort of “magic” begin to happen around your and especially inside you. You will realize that you are totally responsible for everything that enters your life as well as everything that does not enter. You can shield your mind from the bad and encourage the good to happen.

Claim responsibility for your life and all the good and all the shit also.

As long as you continue to play the blame game you will never own your own shit, you will always wallow in someone else’s. Once you own your shit you have choices: You can bury in the past and to use it for fertilizer to grow good stuff; or you can just throw it away!

Take charge of everything in your life. Be fully responsible. Set worthwhile goals & pursue them. Enjoy your life to its fullest.


I’ll see you over the top while you’re fulfilling your dreams & goals,

— Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

* * * * * * *
In each future article I’ll take you closer to more wealth through empowering and educational articles. Until then, see if you can discover ways to immediately implement what you learned from today’s message.

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