Shoot for the Moon!

Shoot for the Moon!

One of the best goal-getting stories is that of President John F. Kennedy talking with the esteemed scientist, Wernher Von Braun, about what it would take to put a person on the moon within the next ten years.

Dr. Von Braun didn’t list all the scientific breakthroughs that would have to take place. He didn’t detail for the President the enormous amount of money that would have to be invested. No, this brilliant man’s answer to President Kennedy was much simpler…and much truer. All it would take, he said, was “the will to do it.”  How right he was.

You’re just that close to changing your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now. All it takes is “the will to do it.”

Here’s to fulfilling your dreams & goals,

Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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