Simple Actions to Real Estate Success (Part 1 of 3)

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The question that I hear the most from both beginners and others who have not made money in real estate investing is “How can I become successful in Real Estate Investing?”

The very first thing – even before learning any method, technique, or strategy to invest is setting your ‘financial’ goals for investing in real estate. This means how much money do you intend to make each year or month in this great business? Then listing the reasons why you want the money, and how the money is going to be used.

The easiest way to get started is to fill out this little “Goal Starter Sheet.’

Set Goals

a.       Personal/Business Goals = Your Why – Things you want or want to accomplish.




b.      Personal/Business Financial Goals = How to measure your success progress toward those goals.

$ ________________ Current Annual Expenses

$ ________________ + Cost of Goal #1

$ ________________ + Cost of Goal #2

$ ________________ + Cost of Goal #3

$ ________________ TOTAL of Above Goals = New Annual Income Requirement

This may seem to be very simplistic – and it is – however, it will serve as a starting place. Without starting to set goals you will never succeed in anything – especially real estate.

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Above all else, you will need an excellent base of Correct Worthwhile Education.

There are so many programs for sale to potential real estate investors that it is difficult to find the correct ones that can not only lay down an excellent foundation to build upon, but that will continue to educate you with the knowledge to actually start making money.

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