How Extraordinary Can Your Future Become?

You are watching the main character in a movie.  The movie is about their life.  It starts NOW.  You picture a superhero. You see this character at the top of a tall building, about to ‘leap tall buildings with a single bound.’ You observe that they are frozen between the past and the future. They … Read more

Do You Have a Millionaire Mindset?

IWhat would you do if you were a millionaire? Allow me to re-word and re-phrase that question. What would you do if you unexpectedly were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? Really, it could happen, so I want you to list those items right here right now, either on a note pad or right here in … Read more

8 Reasons People Fail Financially

It’s time to learn why most people fail financially, then stand up to ourselves and face our own weaknesses on this list. Then we can begin to correct ourselves so that we can become the financially sound person we desire to be. Most of us have difficulties with money and finances. We can start here … Read more