10 Minutes to Everything You Would Ever Want

What do you really – really Want? Face the truth – you don’t know! Take ten minutes right now to find out. I mean like – right now! If you are at work, or a wedding, or whatever and can’t take a break…take a break anyway and go to the rest room. It’s that important … Read more

You Can Easily Be Living Healthy & Clean!

When someone first meets me, they usually sense that I’m different…kinda odd, not normal. Well, it’s true in most every human aspect, especially socially, very particularly when it comes to food or drink. Frankly, I don’t follow the normal American diet. I’m healthy, I take no medications, I physically stay active, and because of eating … Read more

The Magic Photocopier

Purpose of Life

Own Your Own Shit!

Own Your Own Shit. Oops, I mean Crap. Taking responsibility is hard. The majority of people in today’s society would rather play the blame game. Oh, crap…I used the “S” word. I didn’t intend to be vulgar – just wanted to make a point. I could use the word-processing program as an excuse. Yep. You read … Read more