Never Own Real Estate in Your Own Name.

Widespread knowledge that is finally circling in the real estate investing circles, especially at the many local Real Estate Investor’s Meetings (REIA), proliferating in most of the ‘Get Rich Quick’ guru seminars, and also trickling into the self-help books, is my quote from over a quarter century ago: “Never own real estate in your own … Read more

How Much Money Does a Lawsuit Cost?

To answer this question properly, it depends on which side of the battleground you are on. Are you the one that is suing someone or are you’re the one being sued? In this article I’m going to offer an estimate of what the rough costs of filing a lawsuit might be. In other words, the … Read more

The Magic Photocopier

Purpose of Life

The Six Steps Needed to Turn Your Dreams and Desires into Reality

The following is the very basic root of setting achievable goals. It’s from Napoleon hill’s classic book Think & Grow Rich. There is much more to goal setting and goal getting and now is the time for you to learn why it hasn’t worked for you in the past, and more importantly why it WILL … Read more