The Magic Photocopier

“It’s really easy,” said the operator of the photocopier. “Bring me a photo of what you dream that you want and I’ll scan it into this special photocopy machine and it magically appears for you.”

I watched as people would come up to the machine, hand the operator a photo, a sketch, or even sometimes a written phrase. He would place it face up, push the button, and the wish would be granted. This would work for material objects such as cars, clothes, or even a change in the physical appearance of the person.

The more I watched the more I realized that even items that were not material, such as relationship disconnects were formulated in forms that could be scanned such as photos, thoughts or emotions that were written, or even collages concerning the relationship and depicting how it should look like. In many cases the person or persons that were depicted in the scanned media instantly showed up in the small shop as the hugs and kisses began.

If it could be scanned, it went in, and positive results appeared.

Person after person entered the shop and the scanner operator would examine what they brought in and in most cases placed it into this amazing machine and instant results occurred.

But once in a while the operator would reject the item to be scanned. Without explanation he would dismiss the person and go to the next in line.

I asked why the person was dismissed without being able to scan their dream.  He replied; “It wasn’t framed right.”

The more I asked about the difference of framing something right or wrong, he only responded with how they should be framed, but didn’t give any indication of wrong framing.

I continued to watch in amazement as each scan-able item was put into the machine, the operator pushed the start button, and the magic happened.

At one point the operator left the room through a door at the back of the shop. My guess was that he had to use the rest room. Another person walked in and thought that I was the operator. I mentioned that he had just stepped out and should be back soon.

This person was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait. After a while the person asked if I could scan their dream. I told them that I was only a curious observer. We chatted for quite a while as I heard all the reasons why they couldn’t wait. They kept asking me about the machine and I told them I didn’t know much about it. They wondered if they could simply operate it themselves. I told them that I just wasn’t sure, but it did look simple enough.

Our conversations turned to the thoughts of the operator. What made this operator the only person who could push the button. As we verbally considered this thought, I mentioned that the operator probably wasn’t needed because I’d been watching him all morning and he would only help people place the material to be scanned on the scanner and push the button.

I related a story concerning the “middlemen” of life and how man is conveniently putting himself between the person who has desires and the accomplishment of that desire. Some religious faiths teach that you must go to the leader of the church to receive God’s mercy. Depending on the doctrine that these middlemen follow, certain actions are required from the devotee. By the way, these doctrines are always contrived from the mind of a man or group of men, for their own purposes of control.

Based on my story we both agreed that instead of waiting for this middleman to return so he can push the button, we can cut out this middleman, and place their desire on the machine ourselves and push the button. So, we did.

Nothing happened. The person became aggravated and pushed the button again. Nothing. The person became aggressive, and more violent, quicker and quicker. Then as from nowhere – the shopkeeper immediately returned. The customer grumbled and walked out. Peace returned in the shop and a feeling of calm was again present.

The operator was not mad or upset, or emotional. I gently asked why the person’s dream was not granted. His simple reply was that: “It needs to be reframed. It was not framed correctly.” I asked what correct framing would be to ensure the wish was granted.

He spoke slowly; “You have been observing all morning?” Yes. “Have you noticed that when people came in with their dreams some were accepted, and some were not?” I again replied “Yes.”

The reason I am here is to help mankind. You see if they don’t have the right frame of mind, one of two things will happen. In the first case, as you have just witnessed, the wish is simply not granted. The other possibility is that the wish will be granted but will be withdrawn when the mistake is revealed.

Well what power, what entity, what energy, what God, or what makes the decision to grant the wish in the first place, and if granted and withdrawn what or who withdrew the wish.

Wisdom was showing through the gleam in his eyes as he spoke; “That is the mystery of humanity.” Men’s minds are so full of power, but man doesn’t realize it. He limits himself. What do you mean? The question you just asked reveals that you have not personally developed your thoughts to a high enough level to understand. Knowing and becoming part of his maker is something that each man must review with himself.

When they have framed their thoughts property, they bring their dreams and goals to me and I scan them into reality. I’m sort of the gatekeeper, but I’m not really necessary. Those who enter my shop are willing to take the risk that I may send them out the door unfulfilled, but those who have thought out their dreams and goals know that I will gladly scan their goals into reality. They know that I will check to see if they are in the right frame of mind and push the button, but they also know that they can simply scan their dreams and goals themselves. They don’t need me. They just need someone else to approve of their decision, but they make it a reality.

The person you tried to help earlier didn’t have his goals framed properly, their mindset was not correct, and the evidence was their negative attitude when they didn’t get what they dreamed of. On the other hand, if their dream was framed correctly, then presented to this magical copy machine, they would have pushed the button themselves and received their wishes granted.

I then asked; “But those who came into your shop with dreams that you did not accept, were sent out the door without any advice from you. Why didn’t you help them by teaching them how to re-frame their goals?” He replied; “It’s not my job, it’s yours.”

Then, in that moment is when the purpose of my life was confirmed. That is why you are reading this.

I’m here to show you how to re-frame your dreams, desires, and goals.

You must decide to help me fulfil my purpose of helping you by embracing my teachings.

This was an actual dream that I had on Tuesday January 22, 2012.

It revealed my life’s purpose, as: Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire.


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