The Shakeup Happening to Foreign National Workers in the U.S.

Wait! What!

Many readers won’t understand that this is happening right now. Right here…in the U.S.A.! Yes, many of our friends and neighbors are being forced to leave our beloved country – and they have done nothing wrong. This article is speaking directly to those being forced to leave. If you are not one of these people. Who do you know that might be?

Over the last several months, the world has been turned upside down. The impact hit us instantly. The reality of the continued pandemic and of the US Government decisions and responses is now creating more waves of uncertainty.

One of these after-effects is resulting in the expulsion of those very important foreign nationals that have been building this great country as the world leader in many fields, especially in the Information Technology Sector. Ironically, the people in this sector are the same ones who have allowed all of us to endure our quarantine stay-in-place sheltering as we utilize our electronic devices for connecting with the world.

You were recruited by an employer to voluntarily leave your home country to come here to help build things that affect the economies, lifestyles, and wellbeing of everyone on the planet. You were selected because of your advanced intellectual skills and were paid well.

Being forced to leave your current home, pack up what you can, and move back to your Mother country in normal times is one thing. But it’s different when you are not able to seek a replacement job allowing you and your family to stay.

When you attempt to do the most logical thing – reach out to see what others in the same predicament are doing – and there are no answers, it’s even more emotionally, economically, and mentally taxing.

Now comes what could the biggest difficulty: What to do with the home or other real estate that you must leave behind in the U.S.? The decisions that you make now will affect your future. And the third, fourth, and fifth waves of economic impacts will affect the marketability of your real estate for the next several years.

As I write this article, the real estate market is on the cusp of collapse. My next two articles will delve into this more deeply: One on the current housing market and the other on the future markets.

If you took immediate action upon losing your job at the beginning of this worldwide quarantine and placed your house on the market for sale, chances are that it did not sell. Real estate brokers have had their own difficulties trying to list and sell property during quarantine.

Over the last two weeks, agents have been listing and selling at record rates. Looking forward, it will only be a short window before the market becomes saturated and it becomes a buyer’s market. In such a market, it is very difficult to sell and, if you have equity, you will lose it by chasing the market down as it collapses. If you don’t have equity, you will owe much more than the falling value of your home. Chances are that if you haven’t sold the house by now, you won’t be able to for several years.

Now what are you to do?

  • You have worked hard to invest and create equity in America.
  • You are forced to leave the country
  • You are forced to leave your real estate behind during a collapse.
  • Most real estate agents are not capable and do not know how to handle this situation efficiently.

There is an organization that works with Private Trusts to provide solutions.

To learn more about this and how we can help you or someone you know go to:

I have been actively involved with real estate investing for 37 years. My associates and I work with Private Trusts that understand the current situation and have solutions for you.

I’m here to help you through the tough times and to fulfil your dreams & goals,

So, I’ll See You Over the Top!

– Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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In each future article I’ll take you closer to more abundance through empowering and educational articles. Until then, see if you can discover ways to immediately implement what you learned from today’s message.

I support Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Homes and the U. S. Military Veterans Organizations.


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