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Which Guru?s

What Info?

What First?

When I started learning about real estate investing, life was much easier. There were basically two gurus and the term Real Estate Guru wasn’t even invented yet. Those two choices were Albert J. Lowry and Robert G. Allen.

When I attended my first seminar which was Albert Lowry’s, it cost $495 for the entire weekend. It took me nine months to save up that much. Albert’s net worth at the time was estimated at over $30 million because of his success in selling books and seminars within only a few years. His success inspired many imitators. He is the man who engineered the technique that all the other real estate gurus have modeled. Within five years, there were over 120 real estate gurus on the seminar circuit, including many of his students including Robert Kiyosaki, Russ Whitney, Robert Shemin, Carlton Sheets, Ron LeGrand, and, yes, also the fore-mentioned Robert G. Allen.

Today, there are literally thousands of so-called, self-proclaimed real estate gurus. Unfortunately, I’ve found that most are total frauds. The majority of today’s so-called Real Estate Gurus are, themselves, book & seminar learned with little or NO experience. It’s very hard to believe, and extremely unfortunate, that most of them have not had the experience of acquiring hundreds of properties, renovating them, flipping them learning to deal with tenants, and experiencing hundreds of the complications that require certain ‘tricks of the trade.’ What these scammers do is copy and repackage books and course materials from professional investors, then put their name on the materials. I know first-hand as an author, speaker, and seminar instructor, several of these con artists have taken my excellent books and course materials, watered them down and published my stuff as their own.

When you unknowingly purchase these get-rich real estate duplications and it doesn’t work, it’s not your fault.

The main problem is that so many people, when presented with educational materials that can actually help them, do not desire to purchase these golden truths because they already spent money on the counterfeit courses that didn’t work. There is an old computer technology adage that sums it up perfectly: Garbage In = Garbage Out! Once people have negative experiences, they won’t even attempt to learn the correct ways – they dismiss the entire subject and miss the golden opportunities. They are off trying some other method or technique and continue the search for truthful secrets.

So what is the best way to avoid the scammers and ensure you have the correct, most useful, and proven real estate investing education so you can make a boatload of money and retire early?

Here it is:

  1. Listen to how the real estate investment trainer answers questions on the topics that they are teaching.
  2. When asked questions and they don’t know the answer, will they admit it or bluff?
  3. Does he/she give examples and stories from real life experiences?
  4. Do they give you the details on how to accomplish each task?
  5. Do they give you the good, bad, and ugly sides of what they teach?

All I ever teach is what I have done which has been proven to be successful for me. Based on my own personal actual results you the student get all the information you need for success. It is up to you how much you want to use.

Yes. I am a no-nonsense Real Estate Expert. When you learn from the best you can be the best!

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I’ll See You ‘Over the Top,’

            Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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