We Are All in a Paradigm Shift – Right Now!

Hey, if you’re like me right now, you’re probably working from home…

…And at the same time, you’re having to navigate all the different things that are going through your head – your family, your business, your cash flow, and trying to maintain a positive mindset.

I get it. My life, my thoughts, the way I do things, the way I view the beauty of communication via the internet, and especially my timelines – are all affecting my actions.

From solid positive thinking, dropping to susceptibility, back to positive, then stronger, then more positive, and opening communication with all types of people, which reinforces the positive “moving forward” actions.  Those currently in my life, those from my past, and those who are in my future each day, are affecting me on all levels …and all in a positive manner!

Then a negative will inevitably pop up and affect me …as I hear about yet another person that I know are having difficulties. I force myself to return to thoughts or interactions with those wonderful positive people of my life, with gratitude enjoy their connection once again, and instantly I’m moving positive again. Once I am strong, I can go back and reach out to those with difficulties.

These are strange times. These are trying times. These are times of future uncertainty. All of us are feeling the same ways – whether we admit it or not.

Our gift to humanity at this time is to reach out safely utilizing phone or internet to connect and reassure those who need it the most, lifting their spirits…and we can only do this if we stay strong with our own personally connected people.

We are beginning to experience an entire world of people have a paradigm shift around how they do almost everything in life. As bob Dylan began singing about in 1964 – “Times they are a changin;.” The difference this time is it’s happening instantly – day by day – major changes are occurring…and it’s scary.

A paradigm shift that I encountered about fourteen years ago, was when one of my interns read a book that changed his life. He immediately brought copies of the book into the office and distributed them. Tim Ferris’ book, ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ had such an impact, that my intern staff went from 17 to 6. The paid staff stayed the same…for a while. You see, I also read the book. It made me look at life differently. Within months, the changes within me, my associations, the way I worked & played, everything…changed. This is the paradigm shift that motivated me to move all my systems, operations, and companies into the cloud. I realized that my staff and I should not rely on having a physical office from which to work. This is basically the same paradigm shift that most of the world’s society is going through right now. My shift was my choice, today’s shift is forced by necessity.

Knowing that we are all in it together will help us to help each other and thrive…not just survive.

Thanks for being connected to me in some way. I appreciate you.

I’ll See You Over the Top,

            Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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