What Do You Do?

Your answer should be what is known as your ‘Elevator statement’. It’s called an elevator statement to remind you that your answer must be short enough to be communicated in the short time it takes an elevator in a typical multiple story building to move just a few floors. In other words, less than 15 seconds, which allows another 15 seconds to have an exchange of contact information such as business cards.

When answering the question “what do you do?” it’s essential to do the following two things:

  1. Share about the unique results that your clients receive with your support.
  2. Include something that builds your credibility.

Your response statement must be natural and instantly convey what you do and encourage people to want to work with you.

Once you can do this easily and gracefully, you have found the key to boosting business and know how to use it.  Master this skill and your income will shoot straight up.

As you may have already experienced, without your powerful “What do you do” response statement, expanding business is difficult and non-growth can destroy it.

To get a conversation started I usually begin by asking: “Hi, my name is Alan and I’m always curious what other people do for a living. What do you do?”

I keenly listen and ask them questions about their field of work…then as if by magic they always ask me what I do. I reply by giving them my card that states:

I inspire, Teach, and Mentor those who desire to help others…

utilizing personal experiences and Infinite Intelligence

in Real Estate, Business, & Spirituality.

My Students become professional caring heroes.

Together, we find solutions where others fail.

Along with Your Successes, I’ll See You ‘Over the Top,

            Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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