What does Alan do?

Last Sunday, someone I know from church asked me what I do [for a living]. I was shocked! We’ve taken classes together, got to know each other through dinners, church meetings, outings, Sunday services, etc. I mentioned this to someone else and they also said that they were wondering what I did for a living. Then I approached several more people with the same results! A few of the people at church knew I was in real estate of some sort, some even thought that I was just another Realtor®.

I asked a couple people in other groups: hiking, cooking, dinner parties, biking, a singles group, and even just other friends…nobody really knew what I did.

Would you believe that when I asked several of my family members they knew it was real estate but most thought I was solely a real estate broker – and they even thought I was retired.

I then went to people in the real estate business, which is just about all my contacts. West coast people, especially in the San Francisco Bay area where I moved to eleven months ago and continually attend real estate investment and agent/broker meetings…nobody knew what I specifically did in the real estate field.

I started asking East coast people from New England – where I moved from eleven months ago…and finally…they all knew what I did, however they didn’t know I still did it!Okay. Here is the reveal:

Most of my clients benefit by my solving real estate problems that agents, lawyers, and others can’t solve.

I also teach real estate investing & brokerage and I buy houses cash.

There. Now YOU know.

Unfortunately, my personal website has been down for a while. It’s coming back up and we’re working to build it all out…Blogs start with this one – so come back often:

My LinkedIn page is O.K. but doesn’t grab the essence of what I do, so for now, here’s links to a few of my craigslist ads: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/…

What? You haven’t taken action yet?

C’mon…lets start helping people together!

Call me now!

Currently in the San Francisco Bay area California; Eastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod & Islands; and Orlando Florida. Soon opening in Palm Beach Florida! Then, maybe later in the year you can help us open offices other places around the country!

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