What is The True Cost of a Lawsuit?

Lawsuits are financially expensive, but the “emotional” devastation is where it impacts.

The last thing that you will ever want to experience in your life is opening your door and someone is standing there with a piece of paper telling you that you’ve been served. Your life will change at that time – I’ll guarantee it.

I’ve been told by many people time and time again, and unfortunately have experience it myself and can echo their words: It’s not the money, although it is very expensive to be involved in a lawsuit: it’s the emotional factor.

I don’t want you to go through this because everything you have is exposed. Attorneys know this and when they decide to bring a claim against you, they know it’s a huge emotional roller coaster for you and if they can push enough of your emotion buttons, you are going to be willing to pay them whatever they’re asking. Or you’ll pay them a lot because you’re afraid that you’re going to lose everything you own.

Another tactic that attorneys use to scare you is demand letters upfront before they file anything against you. The letter makes you believe that if you quickly agree to give up some money now to settle, you will save everything you own including having to go through countless legal matters in court. Many times, this is only a bluff getting you convinced that real or not it is going to cost you – even if you have no liability at all! Unfortunately, most people quickly pay the bogus amount and move on. When I used to receive these letters, I would send them to my attorney and the threat instantly disappeared.

My goal is to show you how to become “judgement proof” which means that it doesn’t matter if you are guilty or not of any accusation, it doesn’t matter if they ‘win’ their case or not, they will not get ahold of your assets. Once you are protected and you happen to hear the words “You are served” you will have no worries.

How do I know this? In the past, I’ve had the honor of becoming somewhat famous in real estate circles. What this has done is brought out all the ‘crazies’ – those who want to gain their 15 minutes of fame by usurping me in some form such as filing totally bogus lawsuits. They expect quick financial settlements or to ‘righteously’ expose something they are jealous of about me…my hair style, my mumbling, the kind of car I drive, or the seeming opulent lifestyle I might enjoy. It’s not my fault that they don’t like my hairstyle, I try not to mumble but it’s how I talk, they are jealous of what I might be driving, luxury car, sports car, big pickup truck, or the Lambo or Maserati – oh yeah, when I have spoken at different venues, people condemned me for driving the Maserati parked out front…It wasn’t even mine! They will find fault, cause commotion, and file a lawsuit for anything. I was once sued by a real estate agent who worked for me because I made a business decision to close down the office she worked from – in court when the amazed judge asked her why she filed the lawsuit, her answer was “for the principle of the thing’ – the case was dismissed and her lawyer and her faced contempt charges.

Seriously though, if you would ever hear the words “you’ve been served” – how would you feel? Even I have felt a little uneasy – but I know that they WILL NOT get paid a red cent. One guy actually wasted over six years of his life, over $120,000 in legal fees to receive a hefty financial judgement. He will never receive anything. The one person who made out was his attorney who took him for all that money! He had to refinance his home several times, spent countless days in court instead of his job, was divorced by his wife, but he did get the worthless judgement. His life was ruined – it didn’t negatively affect anyone else – including me!

If you are in a highly litigious business such as real estate, it’s not “if”, but “when” you hear those dreadful words… “You’ve been served.”

You could be sued tomorrow…and lose everything…

…or you can feel as safe as I do after you have protected your assets using the methods that I describe in my book and course:

“The Millionaire Mindset of Asset protection and Realty Trusts.”

Peace is yours when you know that you have taken the actions to become ‘Judgement Proof.’

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– With Your Successes, I’ll See You Over the Top,

                        – Alan David Kosinski, Real Estate Extraordinaire

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