What Would You DO If Money Were No Object?

Wait. What? Whoa! Huh?

Yes. You should stop – right here – right now. This is a question you must answer…right now!

Grab a sheet of paper and a pen or open a new word doc and start typing or start talking into your phone and send your reply to your email box.

What would you be doing…right now…if money were no object?

            If you are at your job while reading this, and all of a sudden you had money, would you still be working where you are?

            Wherever you physically are right now, would you be there if money were no object?

Chances are that you would be doing something totally different. You would be doing what you would like to do, not what you have to do.

Most everyone has thought about a financial windfall such as winning the lottery. Few have thought of what to do after the initial spending spree winds down. Let’s use numbers: If you had a passive income of $240,000 per year ($20,000 per month), the first year or two you may simply buy cars, go on trips and buy a house or two.

Then what? That’s the true question I’m asking. What would you be doing for the rest of your life?

When you answer that question – you have already won the game of life – you just have to play it!

Maybe it’s a hobby, or building a collection, or writing books, or engaging in any of the arts, or volunteering somewhere, or traveling, or_______(Fill in the blank)_______.

It doesn’t matter what it is…and you can start enjoying it now! Today can be the day you start a hobby, or begin collecting, or start writing, or begin your artistic endeavors, or step up to volunteer, or whatever you desire to do – if money were no object.

If your calling is an expensive proposition, you can begin by learning all there is about the topic. You can become a master, an expert, of whatever you desire – and you don’t have to wait any longer! Whatever it is, no matter how quirky or odd, there are others in this big wide world that are interested in the same thing. If you establish yourself as ‘the expert’ in the eyes of these people, you will be able to set a good fee for helping them in their quest. The interconnectedness that we have with technology today can both make you an expert in any field and it can make you wealthy by helping others with your expertise!

By making your ‘play’ into your ‘work’ or rather your ‘fun’ into your ‘financial’ – you will, in short time, realize that money, really is, no object.

I’ll See You Over the Top!

Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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