You Are the Extraordinary, Ordinary, Person.

Most of us have seemingly ordinary lives. We follow the famous, wealthy, influential and honored and live vicariously through them to satisfy our own yearning. Each one of us is able to be extraordinary while remaining seemingly ordinary. Many only wish to someday be lucky enough to become as astonishing. They/maybe you, may begin to realize that you – yes you – as each of us is extraordinary…You only have to believe you are.

Some of us ordinary people have found that all we need do is to begin and continue to enjoy living genuinely and inspire others to do the same. There are only a few things for us to follow that will raise us to become one of the extraordinary ordinary people.

  1. Things that matter are forefront and we focus on things that bring true satisfaction.

We realize that basic financial stability lessens most of our anxieties and we realize focusing on overabundance will usually make us unhappy. We appreciate the daily pleasures that are within our means, not thinking about or caring what others may say.

As extraordinary people we can choose to not follow the crowd mindset. We can focus on life rather than consuming. We can choose not to care about accumulating stuff and may prefer a more minimalist attitude toward consumer goods. We can decide to avoid the trap of trying to keep-up-with-the-Joneses by choosing to buy what we desire without the coveting temptations that is so prevalent in the socially acceptable advertising media.

  • We can select to be genuinely thoughtful of others, to make other people feel special, and to be  Kind.
  • Being human, we can help humanity. Real people are not perfect Godlike creatures. It’s alright not to be perfect. We all have weaknesses. Don’t hide your failures, but don’t dwell on them either. Failures are part of life. As an extraordinary person, you are learning how to keep getting up and learning from mistakes as you are getting better. As you step up, embrace those unique characteristics that only you have and only you can contribute. Vulnerability and fear can make you stronger when you share your vulnerability and toss the fear away. The same goes with that fear of criticism. These fears are what holds those ordinary people back from attempting something that others dare not do. We overcome our fears when we are willing to reach to become the extraordinary — and YES – other people do notice our strength.
  • Human interaction is what matters most. Making our relationships with others a priority raises you to be able to bring others from their ordinary patterns to your extraordinary levels. This, more than anything else is what makes you extraordinary. You must also pay attention to your own feelings and respect your own needs as you reach out and have empathy and respect for others.
  • Accept happiness. Most people desire happiness, however when it arrives it is discarded because they feel that it is undeserved or is only temporary. Extraordinary people like you are full of gratitude and acknowledge joy and happiness with celebration in their hearts and you should feel worthy when it arrives.

Will you join me in being an extraordinary ordinary person? We can hold each other up, as we help others realize their own extraordinary birthright.

I’ll See You ‘Over the Top,’

                Alan David Kosinski, Life Extraordinaire

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