You Can Easily Reach Your Real Estate Goals! Here’s the Missing Piece.

You need a partner who has done it all before!

As many of you know, I’ve moved to Northern California, and am fully involved in a very different world that includes lots of interesting transactions with extreme profit margins. I still have real estate brokerage companies in Massachusetts & Florida, but the investment side is where more people like you can easily become involved, wherever you are in the country.

Many people over the past thirty-five or so years have been very successful partnering with me in Real Estate investments. Many more who have taken and applied the various seminars and trainings that I have developed and presented, have also been super successful. You can be next!

There are those however that have been trying to implement the strategies that I discuss without much success. Some of these people have heard me speak about the strategies I use but did not take my courses that include all the details, and understandably have had difficulty trying to make them work. Others have taken seminars/courses from other people who may not completely understand the topic they teach because their experiences are very limited. Some may have had some initial success but without an excellent base of real estate knowledge it all collapsed around them.

There have been some, but only a few of the people who have taken seminars that I presented, that have not had success either. Some have not even tried, not even opened the books, nor have they watched the videos. Others chose partners that were wrong, right from the beginning. These partners may be nice people, but not familiar with all the obstacles that occur in a typical Real Estate buy & flip transaction or especially a buy and hold situation. It would be better to partner with someone who is experienced…Here I am…raising my hand!

Many people have felt that I am too busy, or too set in my ways to work with them. I would like to let everybody know that I am looking forward to becoming your best partner in your Real Estate deals. Over the last two years since arriving in California, I have, indeed, been too busy building company structures that can accommodate droves of new partners – like you.

I’ve also been writing or re-writing my books, and many other supporting endeavors to help you achieve success quicker than ever! I have partnered with several of my newer students utilizing a growth-based business structure that is expanding their business as we train and develop many more student/partners like you who join our success!

Now, in shaky financial times, a recession looming, and the coronavirus being a catalyst for economic collapse, we are poised for huge national growth. Fortunes are made in times of turmoil. I’ve been through three other recessions as a real estate investor. The first was devastating to me, but I learned from the experience and came out ahead. The second recession was very profitable while I experienced huge growth in property acquisitions during the collapsing real estate market. The third was that one that started in 2007…and lingered for years, while as I scooped in unbelievable wealth! Now it’s your turn… partnering with me and my successful student/partners.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still busy acquiring properties and pumping out training for my future partners such as you. I show you how to set up several systems to ensure that your growth with acquisition of properties will continue, hopefully with me as your partner – but that’s your decision.

We are seeking to build numerous teams of partners nationwide who are eager to learn the correct ways to enjoy super success in this business firsthand. Working one-on-one with me and my partners is the best way for you to learn. The more real estate transactions that you are involved in, the better and quicker you will learn and make gobs of money!

As in the past, several students will volunteer to help us out, learn several aspects of my businesses, then move on for themselves. Others will eventually become employees of one of my companies. Most, and hopefully your one of these, will become investing partner “regulars” as we both grow to new heights utilizing the growth orientated systems that you’ll learn.

Our partnership programs are set up for anyone who can make the time to learn and grow, has the determination to succeed, and has the brains and willingness to become involved with me as I begin another phase of my successful life.

In the past there were many students that have partnered up with other students and have done great! Others, especially if both are new to the Real Estate investment business, have not fared so well. We’ve corrected that by setting up a hierarchical system that my students like you can’t help but be successful – if they work the system. The system shows you how to duplicate our system within our system of partnerships where everyone wins!

During my thirty-seven years in the Real Estate investment business, many partners have come and gone involving many properties. I wish the systems that we have in place were available over the years because most of my students would have been able to grow quicker and wiser by partnering with me. So, my invitation is: I would like us to be life-long partners in real estate investing by helping each other along with helping others.

This is the reason my seminars, books, and articles are produced. I love to show others the right way to enjoy Real Estate riches, encouraging you to learn from my products, then working together as partners which brings us both great successes. These transactions would produce stories. Telling these stories to other Real Estate investors would help them when similar situations arose. The main reason for being here on this earth is to help others. My main goal is to help you to build a team of properly trained partners that are bringing great deals to share with you as they learn.

I encounter more stories about real estate situations each week than most people will ever deal with in their entire lifetime! With all of us working on producing wealth for each other, the stories of our endeavors could be taught to future Real Estate investors, helping them gain wealth faster, as our partners.

If you have not figured it out by now – I want everyone to be educated in the various ways to produce wealth and cash flow from Real Estate investing! I want more people around me who are winners!

You’ve seen the television shows on about flipping houses. These shows center on people buying, fixing up, and then flipping Real Estate. Sometimes they do good and other times they don’t do so well. The shows are in half hour or one-hour increments. How would you like to do the same stuff firsthand? Imagine … be there when they research and negotiate the property. Be there when planning the construction begins, then during, then when it is finished. Be there when the marketing planning commences, and when it is put up for sale. Be there when it closes and we party!!

I have done hundreds of these flips, my students have done hundreds of thousands of these, and this is what you can also be doing! …But better yet – You’ll learn hundreds of ways to make money instead of only flipping properties, which is the most stressful and least profitable way to make money in real estate.

Imagine…the learning experience. Now stop imagining and start doing – It’s time to get started at

Along with Your Successes, I’ll See You Over the Top!

  • Alan David Kosinski, Real Estate Extraordinaire

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